Magic Shoes

I have had some good luck with shoes lately and I think I should share it…

I feel that I have wandered into a field of energy, that I am experiencing a benevolent spell which draws flashy, lightly used footwear and I close to one another.   Like all good things, it is important to remember that this will also pass.  While it lasts I will talk about it here.

I became acutely aware of it when I started wearing a pair of Irak 2007, Torsion Adidas that I found one morning in the garbage just steps from my studio door in Chicago.   I had a feeling that they were haunted or that they had some energy around them that I might not have been ready for.  Eventually though I decided I could bear it and they are my primary shoes at the moment.  I’ve been admonished not to wear out the magic and to use them more sparingly.  Indeed, you can see they are starting to look a bit worn here.   I have received an inordinate amount of compliments from strangers and friends alike on these shoes.

Irak 2007 Torsion Adidas

Dumpstered in Chicago, Winter, 2009/2010

Motivated in part to prolong the life of these shoes–their power–I’ve been looking for more footwear.  I went to Savers on Lake Street, in Minneapolis and I found an appealing pair of Nike Air Forces I’s emblazoned with what I assume is a picture of the great Michael Jordan (actually, not my favorite basket ball player).  I put them on and on my way over to Hard Times Cafe was complimented by a stranger.

Nike Are Force I's

Purchased at Savers on Lake, Spring 2010

I picked up these bad mothers at Savers too (spring 2010), as part of my professional look for Go Global.

Some notes on the politics and spirituality of footwear:  Now, I always feel there are contradictions between my many desires.  I think consumerism is generally quite boring and kind of destructive. I don’t like the idea of promoting companies such as Adidas and Nike.  I don’t trust that they treat their workers fairly and I know that there is little more than any token effort to use materials in a responsible, sustainable way.  But on a more immediate, easier to understand level I feel conflicted enjoying these shoes because I generally try to buy, find, and wear garments that do not advertise their manufacturer.  I don’t like the idea of being a walking advertisement.  I am able to excuse myself in the case of footwear out of practicality, because it’s hard to find shoes that don’t advertise themselves and because I like the colors.  What makes that even easier to swallow is that I also tend to find them on the second-hand market or in the garbage…

In the end there is no excuse, or, excuses are desperate attempts to control the uncontrollable, that is, what people think of me.  Nobody really cares what I wear.  But the fact that sometimes they compliment me shows a volition of caring about something, and that warms my lonely heart in this age of alienated consumerism.

All industry will fail someday.  People will learn to make their own footwear again.  Until then, may you have luck with your footwear as I have!


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