Where what started? (St.Paul, MN)

Where am I?  Where am I when I make this blog?  This is the very  question I anticipate answering here.

So, I start in St. Paul, Minnesota,  nearly literally on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River, in my parents sun room.  It’s a good place to sit, there’s an outlet, wi-fi, early Spring air coming through the screen, and an abundance of consumables that my dad can’t seem to stop offering up.   I’m lucky.   It’s the fresh air that most acutely reminds me that fact.   My  brother claims that Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was written in this neighborhood.  My brother is writing a book in this neighborhood too, in the basement, in his apartment, in this duplex where my parents live.  And where I live when I’m in St. Paul.

Detail of a map of the indigenous place names of Minnesota, by the late Paul Durand

Not far down river is where the Minnesota River meets up with this one.  That place  is said to be the place of both the genesis and the genocide of the Dakota people.  The genesis, because that is where the Dakota people were created and the genocide because that is where there was a concentration camp for the Dakota after the Dakota War in 1862, where many Dakota died, before the remaining were finally forced to leave Minnesota.  There is a campaign to reclaim this land and give it back to the Dakota.  I hope to give my support to this campaign in some real, practical way, as well as other efforts to decolonize Minnesota.  However in the mean time I offer a few links to efforts relating to these inspiring campaigns.

Take Down the Fort

Recent action at the Minnesota Capital

Unsettling Minnesota

While in St. Paul I also want to cover: What is upstream along the Minnesota River and it’s tributaries?  What am I doing here this time?  Where did I go on my West Coast Tour?


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